About us

We are a modern Polish company with a tradition stretching back many years. We’re a leader in the distribution of household products, garden furniture and professional articles for the HoReCa industry sector in Central & Eastern Europe. The basis of our activity is collaboration with the world’s largest manufacturers plus a wide-range portfolio of our own brands. We are also a leading Polish manufacturer of garden furniture, drying racks and ironing boards.

Key dates in the life of the company

Business Sectors

Distribution centres

We have eight wholesale branches serving all regions of Poland and the central warehouse in Toruń, as well as the Cash&Carry distribution centre in Hungary.

We have at our disposal 65 000 m2 of total storage capacity for up to 81 000 pallets. The central warehouse in Toruń has the area of 30 000 m2 and 10 loading ramps. The warehouse in Hungary has five ramps and a site for 6000 pallets. Every warehouse is equipped with a modern IT system providing the efficient shipment of commodities to any destination in Europe. see more

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Dajar factories

The two Dajar factories, located in Koszalin and Miastko, manufacture garden and camping furniture, ironing boards, drying racks and garden furniture cushions. 

Owing to the most modern production technology, the quality of our products meets international standards, which is testified to by our obtaining such certificates as TüV GS and EN 581 (PN 581) for the camping furniture.

Our sewing plant in Koszalin employs 130 persons. Our plant uses 1 500 000 running metres of fabrics per annum. One person working in the sewing plant manufactures two truckloads of our garden furniture cushions per annum.
Our garden furniture factory in Miastko, with a production area of 13 000 m2 employs (during periods of maximum manufacturing capacity) approximately 400 persons. During the season, eight lorries loaded with our products leave the factory on a daily basis

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Customer service

Both individualised and comprehensive services to our clients are provided by our professional sales department with separate customer service dedicated structures in both traditional (specialized retail and wholesale outlets) and modern (supermarkets and hypermarkets) channels. For servicing the HoReCa industrial sector we created our special, expert sales department, serving all segments of the catering market.

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Our shops

We have eight of our own shops in Poland and one in Hungary, under the name: Dajar Home&Garden. All our shops are located in outlet centres, and offer mainly special articles and overstock. 

We also sell our products on the Internet to several European Markets, based on our own e-commerce platform: Go to online shop

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Awards and Certificates